The River of Life.

“The Lord is preparing you for a life changing, life giving event that is going to bring healing to your ability to receive from Him. His voice will be very clear, speaking to you through the power of the Holy Spirit into your heart and mind because of the Spirit that is in you. It is the Holy Spirit who has enjoined Himself to your own spirit of life when you came to Christ, Who then baptized you.

Now present yourself to Him as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which will be your worship to Him. He will open the eyes of your understanding, and pour out His love to you. He will give you visions and dreams and enable you to become everything He has called you to be. He will use the language of visions and dreams He has prepared for you from the beginning. He knew you even as you were being formed in your mother’s womb, that you will become a prophet to the nations.

There will be those who will not understand your calling; as if you were a root pulled up out of dry ground. But you truly are being pulled out of the dry ground of unbelief. You are being watered from the wellspring of Life, and drawing water from the wells of salvation. There is a mighty River of Life that is coursing through your valley, that is rising higher and higher. The current has become so strong in your life that you have to take the time to study it to see it for what it really is.

The River of Life is the powerful Word of the Lord that is rushing toward you from the throne of God, and you have to ready yourself to receive it. Now therefore stand upon the ramparts and see what He will say to you, and see how you should answer when you see it. The Lord will hasten it in its time, and He will do it”; says the Lord.


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