The Power of God Will Change Your Plans.

A woman who could not become pregnant suddenly realizes she is carrying a child. Another woman with an issue of blood touches the hem of a woven cloth garment worn by Jesus Christ, and suddenly can feel that her bleeding had stopped. A young man who had died prematurely, a widow’s only son, is raised to life during the funeral procession.. During a famine and severe drought, another widow is miraculously provided meal and oil that sustains her family and a special guest, Elijah the prophet, through the duration of the drought,  A man who lost his thumb in an accident goes to a miracle service and someone has the audacity to pray for a new thumb; and it starts to grow, first a stump, then the whole thumb and then the thumb nail.
A woman with a cancerous lump on her neck is in shock because the Power of God caused the lump to fall on the floor. A woman who was blind in one eye, is prayed for by a man at a healing service; she can now read the posters on the walls of the auditorium. A pregnant woman had a hiatus hernia while in her eighth month of pregnancy, where her intestine is popping through the split in her peritoneal cavity, just above the baby. She is called out in a crowd at a healing service, told accurately of her condition by the Word of Knowledge, and she is miraculously healed. Her doctor examined her later that week, and could not find the hernia.
A young woman with children was suffering from constant back pain, finding it difficult and painful to pick up her children. A man prays for her after a church service and there is no more pain for years to come. A young father and mother have a child, not aware he was born with a blockage in his urinary tract. In the coming months he becomes sick, losing weight. The doctor says “there is a virus going around”.
After more weight loss and more trips to the doctor, the parents hear the same report of a “a virus” The baby’s color is changing. The deeply concerned father begins seeking God in the baby’s bedroom. The Lord shows him the area where the problem is, and the parents take the baby to the hospital. The baby’s life was saved to within two days of losing him.
What your adversary, the devil, the enemy of your soul intended for your harm, the Power of God is manifest to change your plans, and change your path.. The Word of the Lord speaks with power and authority. Even now He is speaking, saying: “I send forth My Word, says the Lord, and it will not return to Me void. It will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it.” The events that could have been catastrophic events for you, can be totally reversed by the Resurrection Power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead
Jesus is the Word That Was Sent. And the Power of God is truly changing your plans from this day on. For He says to you; “I do not put these diseases upon you for I am the Lord Who Heals you.”I will not leave you or forsake you;  I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.” “Fear not My child, for I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward.” Your weeping may have endured through the night, but your joy is coming, for the heart that holds on.


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