I Haven’t Forgotten.

I haven’t forgotten. There have been so many things that have happened in your life that everything has become a blur, all run together. All the times you fell down in life, all the things that went wrong when you thought you made the right decisions, all the fast paced goings on that have seemingly turned the world upside down. All the different people that have been important in your life have gone in so many different directions that there is no telling when they will be seen again. But, I haven’t forgotten.

There has been a diametrical shift in the world in regards to world events. The shift has had a cataclysmic impact on the world in how to hold onto to your faith. Who can you believe? How can you believe? Who can you trust? And, why should you trust? Many close their eyes and cover their ears to the truth of what”s taking place. Your sense of security has been profoundly shaken. But I haven’t forgotten.

I haven’t forgotten how you called upon Me, says the Lord. I haven’t held back the love that the Father has intended for you, from His own heart.. There is nothing hidden from My sight. I have seen every fall you’ve endured, I have seen every misguided thought you have had, for I know when you rise, and when you lay down, I know when you stand and when you sit down, And I know your thoughts when far off. But I am not far from you, ever. I have not forgotten.

Can a mother forget her newborn child when he cries out for food? Neither have I forgotten you, in every event of your life when you called out to Me. I have not forgotten the tears you have shed when you thought you were utterly alone. I have placed all the tears you shed in a bottle of remembrance and I hold them close to My heart for all time. I have not prolonged your anguish: I am calling you into My Presence. I have not forgotten when I was your first love.

I have been jealous over you with a Godly Jealousy. I have been calling out to you to come into the Holy of Holies  By My Grace I have been waiting for you with outstretched arms to embrace you as My own, My redeemed, My servant, who I uphold in My own righteousness, says the Lord. My own right hand will lead you, and the Words of Life I intend to give you will never fall to the ground, but will accomplish My purpose. My Word is at this moment setting you upon solid rock. I am that Rock. And My purpose toward you will not be shaken. This is the work I have called you to; that is, to believe. For I have called you by name, and you are Mine; says the Lord.


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