My Poem of Love.

There came a day when I saw such beauty,
It grabbed my heart and took my breath away,
It stopped me in my tracks, I was speechless,
I didn’t know what to say;
That day changed my life, for all the years to come;
And I fully remember,
How I prayed.
“Lord, if You have a way,
Where I could see her again,
Please arrange it to overcome
The way I have been.
For I have cried out in the night,
When I had come undone,
But You touched my eyes in the darkness,
And said “Go to sleep my son”,
Oh such Grace that came that night,
The time You drew us near,
You drew us together to a wonderful place,
The House that You hold dear.
“For My Father’s House has many rooms,
I am making a place for you,
To hold and to share your lives together,
The Life that is all brand new.
For I will be with you always,
Because of My Love for you.”

Happy Anniversary, my Love, Maryellen,
I will love you always.


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