The Lord Has You Covered

Is God able to open new doors for you? Is God able to give you His own purpose while the attack of the enemy seems to overwhelm you? Remember Joshua the high priest in Zechariah 3? He was being accused right in front of the Throne of God. The adversary had the audacity to attack the Lord’s servant before the Creator of the universe, having no regard whatsoever for who he was accusing, nor any regard for Who he was standing before. He just didn’t care.
But what happened to Joshua the High priest? He was given festive robes in place of his filthy clothes. He was given a clean turban to wear on his head. He was given a new charge, or purpose, to walk in power and authority before the King of Kings.
He was given the Word that is Sent, with all of its authority, along with the renewing of his mind that are altogether represented by the clean turban that was placed on his head.
He was given a place among those who were present before the throne of God, who carried out the command to change Joshua’s clothes.
Can you now see that the Lord had no regard whatsoever for the accusations of your adversary?
The Lord knows those who are His.
He is holding all the tears you have shed, and He is holding those tears in a bottle of remembrance close to His own heart.
The Lord knows what takes place in our lives when you or I receive forgiveness. He sees the heart that has been forgiven for falling short of His Glory.  He hears the out cry from the hearts and minds of the people who have been forgiven much. For He says in His Word; “He who is forgiven little will love little, but he who is forgiven much will love much.”

Hereby are you cleansed, by the Word of the Lord that was spoken to you. There is now therefor no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Your life will bear the fruit you have wanted to see in your life for so long. He wants you to know He has you covered. The open door is ahead of you. Jesus is the Door.


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