Who Is Holding The Hammer?

A home project made of wood sometimes requires a hammer and some nails. A father decides he needs to build a dog house, and his little son or daughter decides he or she wants to help Daddy build the project. “Whatcha building Daddy?” they may ask. Dad replies “I am going to build a dog house for Rascal”, he replies. “Oh, can I help! Can I help! ” Of course Daddy is fully aware of what “help” really means, but this Dad just happens to remember how he “helped” his father so many years ago when he was little. In fact when I was a little boy, while my father was building a new house for our family, I used to help him by driving all of his screwdrivers into the ground with a hammer. Of course, his heated questions would follow in a very short time.

If someone is helping you build, would you hold the nail while the helper drives the nail with the hammer? You hope the “helper” has good control of the handle so you don’t get hurt. The helper may not have enough strength to drive the nail, let alone control the hammer in his hands. The light taps with the hammer probably would cause you to take over with the hammer in order to finish driving the nail into the wood. After all, patience does have its virtues. Do you agree?

Suppose you have a hammer without a handle. The hammer head is limited in its effectiveness. In fact, it is almost useless without the handle. About all it would be good for  is to use it as a paperweight. The handle by itself would not be useful either. But together, they  combine for a very effective tool;  for the builder or the handy man. The sledge hammer without the handle would have no impact as well. The hammer, or the sledge hammer, being the useful tools that they are, can also be an analogy of how the Holy Spirit in us can manifest His power through us.

You more than likely would not hold the nail for someone else to swing the hammer. In this analogy, the nails represent the Word of the Lord. The hammer head represents the power of God in the Word that is sent. The handle represents you being used as the instrument in His Hands. You have no control of what the Word That Is Sent is going to be, but the Lord gives you the Word on His own timing. For the Word of God is quick , and powerful , sharper than any two – edged sword., dividing joints and marrow, soul and spirit . It is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  He sets the Word (the nail) in the right position, spoken by you in obedience to His leading. The Hammer,  the power of God in the Word that is Sent,  drives home the message of His Word for the hearts of those He loves and encourages. The handle, (you),  is being guided and directed by the skillfulness of His own hand , and timed perfectly to meet His children who are in desperate need to hear His Voice.

Working hands without the useful tools accomplish little or nothing. Words, without a voice, have less meaning than when they are spoken; they may have definitions, but without the voice, they would produce fewer defining moments. The Voice , however, carries with the Words, the intent and the expression of the Heart. The Voice of the Lord that is Carrying the Word That is Sent is right now revealing the intent and the expression of His Heart  toward those who are calling upon His Name.

The Voice of the Lord is powerful. The Voice of the Lord is full of Majesty.  The truth, found in the expression of His Voice, and His mighty power,  is breaking down the oppressor in his tracks. The power of the Word that is Sent stops the mouth of the roaring lion. It is breaking the bands of wickedness;  it lets the oppressed go free and is breaking every yoke of bondage.

My Word is the mighty hammer, says the Lord, and it is smashing the rocks in pieces. It is breaking down every stronghold and causing the adversary to lose his grip and fall. And he will be trampled under your feet.

This is the affect of the power of the Word of the Lord. I call it the Rhema Affect. The power of God is in the Word That is Sent.  Now be strong in the Lord and the in power of His might.  And let the Word of the Lord dwell in you richly.


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