The Hunger To Hear Him

The Hunger To Hear Him.

When is your most trusting time? When is the Lord’s Presence most acute? When is the believing heart that is in you most susceptible to his Presence?
When do you have that question in your heart that is saying; “Lord, are You ready to say anything to me? Is there any means where I can have Your Words spoken to me, or to see the vision that I’ve been feeling so near to, but there is just that short little wall that is keeping it from me? It’s like I can barely see over it , but not quite near enough to really grasp and understand what it is.
We are so close to the revelation of His Presence. We are so near to the place where we can be saturated by His knowledge of our need for Him.

This is what hunger is.
He is always all-knowing and passionately aware of the voice within us that needs to groaningly cry out for His Spirit to indwell us, and to satisfy our longing for the love we need from Him.
He is the only One Who can do this.
He is the only One Who fulfills our need to be used by Him.
He is the only One Who can fully satisfy our passion for a walk in complete unity with Him.
Nothing else on earth will do. Nothing else will complete you.
That is why He gave me my wife. She is the Gift He gave me to be complete.
The two of us are One because of Him. We, together, stand complete in Him, while He prepares us to receive the Revelation that He is ready to reveal. He is more than ready to resurrect you, and lift you up into the vision He has for you.


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