The Rhema Outpouring

The Rhema Outpouring

A grain elevator, or silo, has been filled with the wheat harvest. On the lower part of the silo, a door that slides up is being opened up. The ripe wheat is beginning to pour forth through the open door. The more the door is opened, the greater the stream of grain will pour out. The Word of the Lord is pouring out for those who are seeking Him with their whole heart. Take your position in the outpouring that is taking place in your life right now.

Don’t turn around to see if anyone is watching you, because it is the eyes of the Lord that are roaming to and fro throughout the whole earth, seeking those whose hearts are steadfast toward Him; to show Himself strong in their behalf.

This is the Rhema outpouring that is nourishing the very depths of your being. It is replenishing the hearts of those who have been through a difficult season, but have not given up on their crown. For those who overcome will be given a crown of righteousness, the crown that you will lay down at the feet of your Redeemer when He comes for His Bride. I have seen the struggles of My faithful ones who are standing to see the salvation of the Lord. I have not forgotten the Time when I became your first love. I am restoring you to the hope you first had when I became yours and you became My own.

The Crown of Righteousness will be fulfilled by the Lord Your Righteousness.
For he who overcomes will walk with Me dressed in white.

Stand where the wheat is being poured out. The wheat is The Word That is Sent. The joy I have for you will be overwhelming you. and the Power of My Presence will overtake your walk in the Spirit. For I know the thoughts I have for you says the Lord. They are thoughts of peace and not of evil; to give to you a future and hope. My Joy will remain in you, and your joy will be full; says the Lord.


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