“It Is Written…”

“It Is Written….”

If someone steals something from you, does that item now belong to the person who stole it? What happened to your joy in the Lord? Don’t you want it back? After all, the Word of the Lord says “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” If joy causes you to “build yourself up in the most holy faith”, Why don’t you demand it back? Go back to the enemy’s camp and TAKE BACK WHAT HE STOLE FROM YOU!!! If it means you have to fight for it, then Fight for it.
No weapon formed against you will prosper. The words spoken against you, YOU shall condemn. That is your heritage in the Lord, and your VINDICATION comes from God.
Now arise and shine for your light has come, for the Glory of the Lord is rising upon you. Go on the offensive right now; You have the keys of the Kingdom, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. It is time to build your faith up; therefor edify yourself in the Spirit so you can be all the you have been called to be.
You have all the weapons you need. “It is written; It is written; It is written….” John 4:1 -11.

Thomas Downes


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