The Vision Is Being Written.

The Vision Is Being Written.

There is a new day ahead that you had no idea that the Lord has planned it. It is beyond any of your doubts, it contains the fulfillment of a dream. It has the Lord’s intent being brought to pass in your life because you believed what He told you, and didn’t throw away your faith and confidence in Him. Today is the day you are deciding to finally agree with what He told you, today is the day your heart will start to rejoice again because of His exceedingly precious promises toward you. Today is when the vision is being written inside you because you harkened and heard His voice. He finally got your attention.

He has told you “My Word is near you, it is upon your lips right now. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” There is a large silo that is pouring out golden wheat, the wheat that reveals the intent of My heart says the Lord. Stand where this golden wheat is being poured out; open your mouth wide for I am filling it. You are carrying with you the vision of a Golden Scepter, the Scepter of the King who sends forth His Word. This Scepter is the symbol of divine approval for He says “I will hasten MY Word to perform it.”

Thomas Downes


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