Your New Strength.

Your New Strength.

A Prophet who speaks the Word of The Lord In Truth should Know that the anointing in his life will break the chains of fear that have held him back. The fact that the Prophet is speaking forth the Word of the Lord is the clear indication that the chains have snapped, and the open door ahead of him (or her) has a rushing Wind that is pushing him (YOU) through it. The desires of the righteous will be granted, the ears of the deaf shall hear, and the eyes of the blind will see. The strongholds of the oppressor have been pulled away, and your new strength is causing you to mount up and soar like the Eagle.

The walls that have kept you from seeing the prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus are crumbling with such an awesome, deafening noise that your adversary can’t stand there to resist you. You are of God little children, my fellow righteous ones, and that evil one touches you not,  for Greater is He that is in You than he that is in the world. Yes, the desires of the righteous shall be granted. The promises of God are what? The promises of God are “Yes, and Amen.”

Thomas Downes


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