The Latter Rain.

“The Latter Rain”

You know full well that the Lord has something for you to do. The witness that you have become aware of is driving you into the position to hear Him and respond as He reveals something to you. Are you making the right choice, the right decision to put yourself into the place of His outpouring? Where would that be? The place of His outpouring would be the position of your heart at the time of His calling you.
It would be when the Spirit of the Lord has gotten ahold of your spirit in its heightened state of sensitivity, where your mind has been gently jarred into the reality of the pull upon your heart by Holy Spirit.
He does this when He knows the state of your heart has been prepared as a receiving instrument for the inpouring of the stream of refreshing, the Word Sent to Enrich. Even that doesn’t completely portray the explosive restoring of the hearing ear in the Spirit. There is a river that is flowing and pouring, flowing and pouring, repeatingly flowing with the rhythm of The Word That is Sent. It is a call for the heart of man to dwell under the drenching waterfall of His Presence.
It is called “The Latter Rain..”.

Thomas Downes


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