The Reason Why Forgiveness Came.

The Reason Why Forgiveness Came.

There are those who seem to believe that they cannot forgive. There are those who choose not to forgive no matter what.
There are those who use unforgiveness as a tool of manipulation.
There are those who continue to commit behavior to spite those who forgive. They don’t care how others feel about what they do.
There are those who feel forgiveness is a waste of time.
But there is “The Lord Who Sees”.
But there is “The God Who Knows.”
There is The One Who says “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.
There is a forgiveness that goes far beyond the intents, and purposes, and reasons of mankind.
There is a forgiveness that transcends time.
There is no time for us to reason it away.
We don’t have enough strength within us to push His reasons away.
His reasons for forgiveness are to keep us from harm’s way.
The harm where unforgiveness causes all of us to waste away.
So, why do people still choose not to forgive?
Because, like Jesus said, while hanging on the Cross,
We know not what we do.
But how can we come to know?
But how can we reason ourselves into believing what Jesus said?
On our own, in our own ways, it can’t be done.
With man this is impossible.
But with God, all things are possible.
Without Him, you cannot do what it takes to receive forgiveness.
But with Him, forgiveness becomes a free gift.
Jesus is the reason why Forgiveness came.
His Name means “Salvation”
Salvation means “Deliverance from the power of sin.”
Deliverance from harm’s way.
Deliverance from wasting away.
Deliverance to give us the strength to run to Him.
For the Name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run to Him, and they are saved.”

Thomas Downes


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