The Arm Of The Lord Is Being Revealed

The Arm of the Lord is Being Revealed

The Word the Lord sends breaks bondages, and raises the downtrodden. The Word of the Lord seeks out those hiding from their own fears, and answers the cry of the lost. The Word that is Sent dwells in the hearts of those called to the masses to pronounce the deliverance of the captives. It is being sent by the Lord Who Sees and the God Who Knows. There is a crying out from the hearts of the people who are oppressed by an adversary who knows no bounds of decency, but attacks those who are subjected to it because of their lack of knowledge of who they are in Christ.
The Prophet who has the dream must tell the dream. He must speak My Word faithfully, says the Lord.
For My people have been subjected to gross darkness by those who have hidden themselves behind a self righteousness, while those who have been called by Name who lack knowledge falter behind the lie of the enemy.
Awake now, put on strength; For the Arm of the Lord is about to be revealed to the sons of God who have been calling upon My Name, says the Lord.
I have been calling out to you to be led by the Power of My Presence, and to speak violently against the lies of the enemy of your soul. For My Kingdom is advancing, and the violent will take it by force. I have given to you an anointing that cannot be quenched. Do not turn your back upon it, for it is pouring forth like the torrential river that it has been from time immemorial. Do not turn your back upon it, for you will tumble in its advance due to your lack of focus upon My intent.
For the Voice of the Lord is Powerful. The Voice of the Lord is full of Majesty, says the Lord.

Thomas Downes


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