The Pace That Is Pleasing.

The Pace That Is Pleasing.

This evening my Wife, Maryellen and I took a walk into town, about 1.7 miles one way. We sat in the small town square near the Village Diner and watched the birds, and the people walking by under a church clock steeple.across the street. Some dark clouds started to gather as we had begun our walk. Straight ahead the sky was clear of any clouds.
As we began our walk back home. we noticed there were considerably more clouds than when we began our walk. We hoped we could make it back home without too much trouble.
But that was not to be, as it began to rain. It then began to come down increasing harder.
Just then a car pulled up beside us with the people waving at us. It was my wife Maryellen’s niece whom we have not seen in many months. She pulled into the parking lot right where we had just come upon our church. Out of the car, jumping out into the rain, came another niece, who was visiting from Minnesota whom we had not seen in many years. She had her 17 year old son whom we had never met, with her. We got into the car, and they took us the rest of the way home.
There are times when the Lord will use what we may see as an inconvenience, to cause us to pick up the pace of your walk because He has a reason to move you along at a faster pace. There are surprises ahead of you that you may miss if you take your focus off from His purpose for your life.
The Lord picks you up when the storm comes, and shelters you in His Sanctuary. And He causes your walk to be restored to the pace that is pleasing in His sight. There is love ahead of you. Stay on the path, and keep going at the pace that will reach what He has for you .Nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Thomas Downes


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