Awareness- prompted to know.. the realization of a condition previously unknown to you.
Awareness of the Lord’s Presence- prompted by the Spirit of the Lord to stand up inside because your heart and your spirit-man has realized a sudden change in the atmosphere. You cannot remain in the same frame of mind. You MUST respond what He is showing you.
“Why do you labor for that which does not satisfy? Why do you spend your money on that which is not bread. Come and delight yourself in Me, says the Lord, and I will show you the richest of fare.
There is a new opportunity that is arising, and the Lord will not allow you to be unaware of the intent of the Lord’s Heart for you. The work, and the Word That Is Sent will collide with an overwhelming sense of gratefulness pouring forth from your heart. The confirmation of the promise and its fulfillment will cause you to realize the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. For you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free, says the Lord.

Thomas Downes


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